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The Capital Quest, a specialised business news publication, has readers across the world, from India to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America.

The audience base comprises connoisseurs as well as those inquisitive about alternative investments such as venture capital, venture debt, private equity and private credit as also those keen to follow curated news and information about mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets.

Besides our own platform, our content is also accessible on Factiva, the premium news aggregation service of Dow Jones & Co. (publisher of The Wall Street Journal and part of News Corp).

The Capital Quest offers news and insights via a ‘freemium’ model, where part of the content is free to read and the rest is behind a paywall and accessible only to members who see value in our exclusive content not available on any other mainstream business news publications.

Given the subject matter of our content bouquet, the audience base comprises those in the higher income bracket who wish to build an exposure to some of the fastest growing markets in the world and others who wish to keep track of the success stories of peers in other geographies. Our readers are spread across not just the 70-odd emerging markets we cover but also over a hundred other countries including developed economies.

We are an independent media publication and are not affiliated with any other group. To support our journalism, we offer non-obtrusive advertising space to corporate clients as long as it passes our hygiene factor.

While we offer the more conventional display ad spaces, we also provide native advertising space for sponsored posts clearly marked as ‘Branded Content’. In addition, we allow our clients to power our weekly newsletter for one or more regions that we send to thousands of readers. Clients can also come as an anchor to showcase their company logo for a particular section such as PE, VC or M&As, and region (India, South Asia, Africa, West Asia).

All these ad options are customisable for a short to long-term engagement.

For more options on featuring your company, fund or your portfolio firm to reach a wider reader and investor base, contact us on

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