Nemesis Leverages Securitize for One of the Largest VC Fund Tokenization

 Nemesis Leverages Securitize for One of the Largest VC Fund Tokenization

Nemesis Technologies announced on Tuesday the launch of a $500 million fund which will be tokenized by Securitize, a leading global digital asset securities firm. The fund is expected to become one of the largest tokenized venture capital funds in the world by the first quarter of 2023.

The new fund will be launched by Nemesis, the venture capital firm founded by Tokyo-based former Carlyle Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers private equity technology director Pierre Mauries, with operations driven from its offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and London. It will invest in emerging technologies ranging from clean energy and carbon capture technologies, biomedicine, digitalized supply chain, cybersecurity and robotics.

“We have spent the last few years building software and data structures that enables us to be pioneering the digital securities ecosystem. We use the infrastructure that have been co-built to provide liquidity, run validators, and help portfolio teams better understand their own ecosystem with our novel approach,” says Pierre Mauries, Founder, General Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Nemesis Technologies. “We look forward to continuing to push to the very frontier of how digitalized VC fund and DeepTech can create unseen value creation.”

“We’re delighted and privileged to be leveraging Securitize, the leading players out there when it comes to end-to-end regulated primary and secondary digital securities exchange, enabling us to lay out our long-term vision of democratizing private market assets through digital securities issuance and liquefaction,” Mr Mauries adds.

In tokenizing its new fund, Nemesis leverages Securitize to issue the fund’s shares in the form of digital tokens. As Nemesis’ digital transfer agent, Securitize will also manage the distributed, blockchain-based ledger of share ownership and activity.

Securitize is among the top 10 largest transfer agents in the US. Within this top 10, it is the first one to issue and manage shares digitally.

In addition, Securitize operates a marketplace (Securitize Markets) where investors can invest and trade-in a wide range of digital asset securities and institutional grade funds. Securitize also enables Japanese businesses to raise capital by providing its security token offering platform through its Japanese team, Securitize Japan.

“Securitize is proud to support Nemesis in tokenizing what is expected to be the world’s largest tokenized venture capital fund,” said Eiji Kobayashi, Head of Securitize Japan.

“Tokenization is unlocking new and broader access to investment opportunities ranging from VC funds to equity in private businesses and real estate. Issuing and managing shares on the blockchain is more efficient and less expensive than paper, as well as enables opportunities to be accessed by more investors, particularly digital-native investors. We expect many more businesses in Japan, the U.S. and around the world to adopt tokenization in the coming months and years,” said Kobayashi.

Nemesis Technologies Inc. is a venture capital firm founded by Pierre Mauries, a Japan-based former Carlyle and PwC Private Equity Technology Director. It has announced the launch of Nemesis Hybrid Venture Solutions L.P., a pioneering half-a-billion dollar digitally securitized venture capital investment vehicle, backed by renowned institutional houses and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

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