Tokyo-based Ex-Carlyle & PwC Director Launches Blockbuster Digital DeepTech VC Fund

 Tokyo-based Ex-Carlyle & PwC Director Launches Blockbuster Digital DeepTech VC Fund

Nemesis Technologies Inc., a venture capital firm founded by Pierre Mauries, a Japan-based former Carlyle and PwC Private Equity Technology Director, has announced the launch of Nemesis Hybrid Venture Solutions L.P., a pioneering half a-billion dollars digitally securitized venture capital investment vehicle, backed by renowned institutional houses and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Deep, DeepTech Focus

Nemesis Technologies is a uniquely securitized multi-stage venture capital firm, built to back entrepreneurial scientists, who design and build the sustainable technologies of tomorrow.

Born of a unique cross-pollination between investment specialists, retail experts, entrepreneurs and blockchain academia, Nemesis is pioneering private assets digital securities offerings with the most advanced platform yet.

The fund says it will invest in radically innovative FrontierTech companies across the climate and carbon capture, bio and MedCare, supply chain and cybersecurity spaces, with a knack for DLT, quantum computing and robotics as a backbone to achieve so, across geographies.

With global operations in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and London, Nemesis Hybrid Venture Solutions L.P. will be the largest digitally securitized VC fund in the world, enabling investors and portfolio companies a seamless and dual-liquidity experience.

Full-throttle Digital Securitization

2021 has shaped up to be the banner year for digital assets offerings, and what Nemesis Technologies believe will be considered a benchmark when looking back in time.

With world-class infrastructure, cross-border regulatory alignments, a significant shift between digital currencies and securities, and pioneering technologies, the tokenization of private assets is happening now.

Nemesis Technologies has seen it happening over the last 10 years, and has always believed in the evolution of digital assets class, interacting instantaneously on blockchains and creating an explosion of value never seen before.

From today, Nemesis Hybrid Venture Solutions L.P. will issue tokenized assets shares, envisioning what investors can actually do with their private market digital securities, in a similar manner to their public market assets, creating an explosion of innovation, new products, useability of assets, and gargantuan security tokens industry growth.

“We have spent the last few years building software and data structures that enable us to be pioneering the digital securities ecosystem. We use the infrastructure that has been co-built to provide liquidity, run validators, and help teams better understand their own ecosystem with our novel approach. We look forward to continue pushing to the very frontier of how digitalized VC funds and DeepTech can create unseen value creation,” says Mr. Mauries.

Building a Virtuous Breakthrough Innovation Ecosystem

Mauries, the 37-year-old General Partner who has previously managed various investment vehicles, cross-border M&A transactions, and post-merger integration, in excess of US$2 billion, and recognized as a bold digital pioneer across all Alts, has assembled a world-class consortium of leaders in molecular biology and biopharma, offshore energy and carbon pricing, quantum computing, digital ledger technologies, deep learning, as well as international cybersecurity experts across the globe. 

“Entrepreneur-Scientists out there need digital-native investors who understand the unique support that protocols, Web3, quantum labs, cyber-testing, tokenization etc, requires to build through these inevitable crypto cycles. With our world-class consortium of Strategic Advisory Board members and partners, we bring very deep knowledge in digital securitization and infrastructure, decentralized governance, open-source quantum, unparallel network, token economics, along with distributed systems,” says Mr. Mauries.

A Bright Move With a “Dual-Twin” Opportunity

From L.P. ownership digital securitization to multi-channel digital distribution and better liquidity on long term DeepTech private assets ownership, the Nemesis Fund will be dually distributed through a plethora of world-class digital platforms across Japan, APAC, the Middle East, Europe and the US, in its traditional and tokenized form, as a means to lower the entry point for accredited investors across the globe.

“Most of what Nemesis invests in is either making commodities cheaper and with a lower carbon footprint or treating disease. When you have line of sight to pulling something like that off, there’s less risk than one might think at first glance. It’s just a different type of risk–technical risk versus market risk. In DeepTech, you’ll have the benefit of a rare green field opportunity in venture, find an easier time hiring and retaining talent, ultimately sell into more diversified sectors with more reliable demand, and discover more ‘mis-priced assets’,” says Mr. Mauries.

Nemesis is just what the market has been looking for, and believes in the power of digitally securitized private markets solution for L.P. and portfolio companies, with very sophisticated real-time dealing services, tools, data and analytics, portfolio management and reporting, research and regulatory services.

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