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CQ Digital Pvt. Ltd is a digital media and content creation company. While the core business revolves around our news platform The Capital Questa specialised business news publication with readers across over hundred countries, we also offer ancillary activities for the ecosystem and non-competing content with our separate verticals.


The company offers white-labelled content to third-party clients. Our ‘content-as-a-service’ (CaaS) offerings include audience engagement with non-competing news as well as non-news write-ups and reports spanning subject areas such as capital markets, wealth management, economy as also specific sectors and companies.

We also provide content services for creating annual reports and other thought leadership research reports for external clients. The CaaS offering also includes engaging with clients for creating weekly and monthly newsletters besides coffee table books. In addition, we offer product or corporate marketing content.

Executive Training

CQ Digital also conducts executive training programs with external experts such as fund managers, lawyers and financial advisors. The company has conducted digital workshops during the pandemic cutting across multiple days and is in the process of executing an in-person workshop in top cities in India.


The firm also intends to conduct corporate events across one or more emerging markets. These events would solicit sponsors to underwrite the cost of executing the program. The content of the events would be independent of the sponsors but would incorporate their inputs to make it a beneficial engagement for them with the audience. The event may include some sponsor nominated speakers.

For outsourcing quality content work or coming in as a sponsor to our upcoming events, contact us at

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